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25BG Mailboxes

25GB Mailboxes & 50MB Attachments

25GB Mailboxes

Our goal is to take storage out of the equation. That’s why we offer users huge, 25 GB mailboxes. No longer will users have to worry about cleaning out and archiving their mailboxes to prevent running out of storage space. With 25GB of data storage space, your users can keep their emails in their account without deleting them. This helps users to create an effective archive of work activity. It also provides an excellent way to manage and retrieve information about past projects, decisions, and emailed conversations.

50MB Attachments

We want to be sure that your users aren’t limited by file size limitations when they’re sending an attachment. Bit-Bite Mail supports up to 50 MB attachments on incoming or outgoing email. Users can send and receive important attachments without concern for file size limitations.
With a 50MB attachment limit, your users could send or receive:
A 1,000 page Microsoft Word document
200 slides in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
500 JPEG images