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Bit-Bite Email PLUS

Bit-Bite Email Plus adds Mobile Sync and a powerful Cloud Drive to your Bit-Bite Email mailboxes.

You already trust Bit-Bite with your business email. That means you are covered by 100% up-time guarantee and Support. But email is only a part of what you spend your time on in the office.

What about that meticulously crafted PowerPoint? Or that well written Word doc? Don’t forget all of that insightful analysis you did with Excel. Shouldn’t you protect all of that hard work the same way you protect your email? You need to know that your important files will be there when you need them, where you need them.

That’s why we built Bit-Bite Email Plus, with Cloud Drive. Now it’s easier and more affordable than ever for you to securely host your files in the cloud with a single trusted provider.

Your price for Bit-Bite Email Plus will be P70.00 / user / month.

This price includes:

  • 25GB Bit-Bite Email with Mobile Sync of mail, calendars, and contacts
  • 30GB Cloud Drive with Desktop Sync of files
  • Microsoft® compatible online editors for Documents and Spreadsheets
  • Technical Support

Key Benefits

A Copy in the Cloud means your small business will never have to fear losing files due to a lost, stolen, or ruined computer. Everything is always backed up in our data centres, protected by bank level security.

Anywhere, Anytime Access gives you access to your files no matter where you are, on the web, Mac and Windows.

Oops Proof Storage protects your files by keeping versioned backups in case a file is ever deleted or overwritten by accident.

As of May 31st, 2017, Mobile Sync will no longer be available as a standalone, per-user service. Instead, it will be bundled with our new premium offering: Bit-Bite Email Plus.

Bit-Bite Email Plus takes all the things you know and love from Bit-Bite Email and adds new game-changing features. Bit-Bite Email Plus will be anchored by our all-new Cloud Drive product. Cloud Drive will give each of your users 30GB of cloud storage with anywhere access to their files.

Bit-Bite Email Plus will also include:

  • Desktop Synchronization of files (for Mac & Windows)
  • Office-compatible online editors for creating and editing (Word) Documents and (Excel) Spreadsheets
  • MobileSync for push email and contact/calendar synchronization
  • More additions planned for 2017

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why discontinue selling Mobile Sync on its own? 
    We found that most customers were paying for Mobile Sync licenses they didn’t use. Our new approach bundles Mobile Sync with other high-value services like Email and Cloud Drive to ensure that customers are getting their money’s worth. Selling Bit-Bite Email Plus at a domain-level keeps our product-line simple, and let’s users take full advantage of the collaborative features of Bit-Bite Email Plus to get work done with all of their colleagues.
  • What options do I have for my users on Mobile Sync?
    You can upgrade your domain to Bit-Bite Plus and your users will not experience any service changes. You also have the ability set up the mailbox as a POP or IMAP connection and continue to view your mail on the mobile device. You also can upgrade the user to Exchange if the calendar and contacts sync is critical.
  • Upgrade your domain to Bit-Bite Email Plus when it launches in April of 2017. All of your users will have access to Mobile Sync, as well as the all-new Cloud Drive.
  • Can I upgrade individual mailboxes or does the service upgrade all mailboxes under a domain? The service upgrades all mailboxes.
  • Take advantage of our Exchange Hybrid. Upgrade your Mobile Sync users to Hosted Exchange. Your Exchange users have the full power of Outlook and Exchange, including Activesync, the technology behind our Mobile Sync product.
  • Connect for free, with IMAP. You can connect your mobile phone to Bit-Bite Email for free, with IMAP. To get started, have your users visit and follow the onscreen instructions.


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