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Microsoft Hosted Email

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange | Exchange without the Headaches

Work from Anywhere, Anytime.
Exchange email users get full access to their email folders, contacts, and calendars from Microsoft Outlook, on any web browser, or mobile device (iPhone®, Android® or iPad®).  Changes made to emails, contacts or calendars are kept up to date when accessed from another device.
Exchange makes collaborating with co-workers, customers, and suppliers easy.  Shared calendaring allows users to easily schedule meetings with co-workers and eliminates scheduling conflicts for resources such as rooms and equipment.
[Your company] gives you all of the functionality of a dedicated Exchange server for a fixed, monthly cost.

For Your Users
25GB mailboxes
50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
Outlook downloads available for Windows and Mac clients
Outlook Web Access (OWA) Premium
RSS subscription delivery
Share contacts, tasks, calendar, and notes
Calendar sharing with read/write options
ActiveSync available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, and Windows® mobile devices.
Optional BlackBerry® Enterprise Licenses for BlackBerry devices.
Free resource mailboxes for conference room and equipment scheduling
Global Address List (GAL) and 1GB public folder space
Premium spam and virus protection
Email password synced with Active Directory login
Extended MAPI protocol and OWA access

For Your IT Department
Fully functional, extended MAPI protocol
Supports Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS)
Incremental backup with two week retention
Easy control panel management
Domain & mailbox-level spam and virus filters
Allocatable storage bank
Control Panel Interface
Optional archiving services
Directory synchronization with Active Directory
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NB: Be advised that our services can be negatively impacted by slow internet connectivity. Be sure that you have sufficient bandwidth within your network to support the above mentioned services. If you are unsure about your bandwidth capacity, consult your ISP.