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Network Engineering

Network Infrastructure Security Overview

Network infrastructure refers to the grouping of physical hardware and logical components which are needed to provide a number of features for the network, such as connectivity, routing and switching capabilities, network security, and access control. The physical infrastructure of the network refers to the physical design of the network together with the hardware components. The logical infrastructure of the network consists of all the software components required to enable connectivity between devices, and to provide network security. The network’s logical infrastructure consists of software products and networking protocols and services.

Bit-Bite’s core business is assisting businesses, large and small with robust, secure and performance driven networks. Building networks require carefully mapped systematic steps or processes to ensure that our customers enjoy and benefit from their investments in their communication infrastructure:

Here’s what’s involved in every project we embark on:

  • Determine the security requirements of the organisation.
  • Plan network security which should be implemented.
  • Establish and create secure limits.
  • Implement security technologies for the network.
  • Implement server security technologies i.e. if the customer installs a server such Windows server
  • Implement application security technologies.
  • Implement user security technologies.
  • Implement an auditing strategy.
  • Implement a network monitoring strategy