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Who we serve

Company Ownership

Bit-Bite is a company incorporated at the Registrar of Companies by Mr. Manuel Ricardo and the company is a 100% Motswana owned company.

Demographic Summary

Bit-Bite was founded in September 2009 as a private limited company. The company was born in Francistown, Botswana. Over time, Bit-Bite has established business relationships with various clients around Botswana, expanding into further parts of the northern region of Botswana and nearby neighbours, Zimbabwe. Our alliances with the country’s biggest major software and hardware vendors have allowed us to grow and service business of different sizes and needs. We currently service the following business sectors:

Financial institutions
Law firms
Supermarket chains
Mining companies
Auto mobile companies and dealers
Insurance companies and brokers
Lodges and hotels
Service based businesses
Small and Medium Businesses
Medical institutions
Educational Institutions
Non-profit organisations